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KartAreal Karting

Olšanská street no. 6
Prague 3

Phone: 281 916 188 
          605 048 245
E-mail: info@kartareal.cz


Dear fans and go-karting friends,

  We have bad news for you, unfortunately we have to close our kart centre due to developers interests of building owner. We are closed from 31/12/2013.

  So you have the last chance in these few weeks to visit us and enjoy the most powerful karts in Prague.

  We also informing you, that all coupons, vouchers, tickets and bookings are valid until 30/12/2013. After this date are unvalid without any compensation

  We will try to find new place, about any news we will inform you here. 

 Thanks for your understanding

Yours KartAreal team


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